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2017-09-25 16:18  

Prof. YangJie
Southwest Forestry University,China
Research Area:
Computer vision, automatic detection and control
Research experience:
Research Experience in China 
1) Research items of Presiding or Participating in
(1)Cooperating item by province、academe and college,“Detect super saturation of cane sugar on line”,1999-2002,participator;
(2) Emphasis fund  items of Yunnan province educational office,”The craftwork technique research in distilling thallium in vacuum environment”,Oct.2006~Oct. 2009, participator;
(3) Surface fund  items of Southwest Forestry University,”the craftwork technique research in distilling thallium from residue of lead and zinc and their concomitant material”,Oct.2006~Oct.2009, participator;
(4) The research item about education science of Southwest Forestry University,“Skill Training in Electrician Experiment teaching”,Dec.2007-Dec.2008,preside;
(5)  YunNan provincial scientific research fund projects, “Vision based on Highway network in violation of vehicle monitoring and tracking ”, June.2009-Dec.2014,preside.
(6)  Natural Science area Foundation of nation,Research of Diesel particulate emissions virtual sensor based on Grey box model, Aug.2012~Aug.2016,participator.
(7)The special found item of Southwest Forestry University .“Research on Environmental Recognition System Based on Binocular Stereo Vision”, June.2012-June.201, Item No .: 111201,300. preside.
(8) Southwest Forestry University educational research project, "Mechanical and electrical transmission and control experiment practice teaching skills training", Jan.2017 – Jan.2019, preside.
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(11) YangJie,WuYongKang.Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in Modeling of Sucrose Crystallization Section, Journal of Kunming University of Science and Technology, 2001.10, (26): 111 ~ 114.
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(16) Wu Mengchen, Yang Jie (Corresponding author). Analysis of the relationship between Yunnan folk craft and industrial design [J], Secondary School Herald (Teaching Research) Oct.2016
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(18) YiWei, YangJie(Corresponding author). Vertical lathe CNC system configuration and selection [J], forestry machinery and woodworking equipment, Jan. 2017.
(19) Huang Yijun, YangJie (Corresponding author). On the development of the domestic yacht industry thinking [J]. China Science and Technology Expo. Feb.2017.
3)Patent application
(1) Applicant: Yi Wei, Yang Jie. Inventor: Yi Wei, Yang Jie. Applicable patent name: A vertical CNC keyway milling machine with double milling head. Applied patent. Patent number: 201620791241.7. Authorization time: 2016.11.23
(2) Applicant: Yi Wei, Yang Jie. Inventor: Yi Wei, Yang Jie. Applicable Patent Name: A Vertical CNC Keyway Milling Machine with Double Milling Head. Invention patent, patent number: 201610593638.X. Application time: 2016.07.26. Authorization time: 2017 (first trial has been passed)
(3) Applicant: Southwest Forestry University, Yang Jie, Yi Wei. Inventor: Yang Jie, Yi Wei. Applicable Patent Name: A Single Column High Speed ​​CNC Vertical Lathe with Self - centering Chuck. Patent Number: ZL201620797720.X. Application time: 2016-7-27, change the applicant time: 2016-11-25. Applied patent. Authorized time: 2017.4.5
(4) Applicant: Southwest Forestry University, Yang Jie, Yi Wei. Inventor: Yang Jie, Yi Wei. Applicable Patent Name: A Single Column High Speed ​​CNC Vertical Lathe with Self - centering Chuck. Patent No .: 201610598485.8. Application time: 2016.7.27. Change the applicant time: 2016-11-25. Authorization time: X (first trial has been Passed)
(5) Applicant: Yi Wei. Inventor: Yi Wei, Yang Jie, Bin Hongyi. Applicable patent name: A clamping device for machining parts of a motor case. Applied patent .Patent number: 201620867171.9. Authorization time: 2017.1.25
(6) Applicant: Pei Tianjiao. Inventor: Pei Tianjiao, Li Wei, Yang Jie. Design patent. Patent name: baby cradle bed. Authorized patent number: ZL201630186943.8. Application time: 2016.5.18. Authorized time: 2016-12-28.
(7) Applicant: Pei Tianjiao. Inventor: Pei Tianjiao, Wang Tian, ​​Yang Jie. Design patent. Patent name: boiled egg. Authorized patent number: ZL201630172720.6. Application time: 2016.5.11. Authorization time: 2016-12-28.
(8)Applicant: Huang Yijun, Yang Jie, Yi Wei. Inventors: Huang Yijun, Yang Jie, Yi Wei. Table lamp. Design patent. Patent name: Desk lamp. Authorized patent number: ZL201630628800.8 Application time: 2016-12-29 The Authorized time: April 12, 2017
(9)Applicant: Wu Mengchen, Yang Jie. Inventor: Wu Mengchen, Yang Jie. Patent name: a modular street lamp base. Applied patent. Authorized Patent No .: 201621236298.7. Application time: 2016-11-18. Authorized time: May 31, 2017