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2017-09-25 16:12  

Prof.Xinghua Lu
Huali college of Guangdong University of Technology
Research Area:
Robot control technology, shape control method of unmanned aerial vehicle
Research experience:
Lu Xinghua, male, 35 years old, associate professor of computer applications, senior engineer, master's degree,engaged in teaching and researching in robot control, unmanned aerial vehicle control and application technology related fields. I am currently the head of the Institute of control technology at  Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology, the head of the computer science department and the academic leader.
At present, I have undertaken 3 scientific research projects of Guangdong Province, 4 provincial teaching quality projects, and more than 30 academic papers published in recent three years. Among them, EI, ISTP and CSCD collected 12 articles and authorized 6 patents.